What does this quote mean? "Who in this town did one thing to help Tom Robinson, just who"What doe Jem mean by this and how is he reffering it to the people of maycomb and the people around him?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jem was angry when Tom was killed trying to escape from prison. He knew that Tom was convicted not on the evidencebut on the color of his skin. No one in the town of Maycomb offered to help Tom besides Atticus Finch. When Tom was in prison and not able to work, no one in the white community took food to his family or tried to help them in any way. Atticus was the only man who stood guard to keep him from being lynched. The newspaper editor who watched over Atticus at that did it for Atticus's sake and those of his children, not out of concern for Tom. The missionary society, of which Aunt Alexandra was a member, cared more about a far away African tribe than the well-being of a member of their community. Only Atticus and his family paid their respects to Tom's family after he died.

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