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What does the process through which homosexuality was removed as a disorder from the DSM indicate about the nature of diagnosis? I have a four-paragraph essay and I don't know how I should start on this topic as the intro.

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The events surrounding the removal of homosexuality from the DSM demonstrate that diagnostic processes are always subordinate to human interpretation. This highlights the extremely complex and evolving nature of psychiatric assessment, raising both ethical and practical concerns about patient diagnoses.

As you craft your introduction, imagine you're a stranger reading this piece without knowing what the essay prompt was. Because this topic involves interpreting a very specific event with necessary historic context, it's advisable to begin your work by offering some factual background information on the issue. Be sure, in particular, to clarify how homosexuality was removed from the DSM before evaluating the broader implications of that event.

There are a few interesting and important philosophical questions to consider as you complete this assignment. What are the stakes here, and why is this important? If the field of mental health evaluation is subject to this kind of social influence, what might go wrong for those who get improperly diagnosed with a mental illness? Is it theoretically possible to remove subjectivity from mental health diagnoses? If so, what, if anything, might be gleaned from this situation to help improve that process?

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