What does the period of the Enlightenment have to do with the moment we are living in now?

The period of the Enlightenment has a lot to do with the moment we are living in now. For example, we enjoy the benefits of scientific research and of living in a country free of tyranny thanks to the thinkers of the Enlightenment Era.

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The Enlightenment Era, usually placed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, saw an increased questioning of the values and rules that had so far been accepted as the norm by society. For example, the church was no longer seen as the sole authority when it came to questions about nature, life, and death. Instead, science became increasingly more important, as people were striving for scientific explanations rather than dogmatic rules that had to be followed unquestioned.

You can see that this revolutionary thinking of the Enlightenment clearly paved the way towards the life we are used to today in the Western world. While there are still many people who are religious, most people today are open to scientific research and findings and no longer take the Bible as the sole medium of truth. It is thanks to the Enlightenment movement that scientists today are able to engage in their research and receive a lot of public funding and support in their quest to find new answers.

Politically, you could mention that the separation of powers, which we see in many Western countries today, is also due to the Enlightenment. After all, Charles de Montesquieu advocated this back in the eighteenth century: he argued that to avoid tyranny and protect citizens' rights, the principal institutions of the state should be separated. You can clearly see that this separation of powers, an idea of the Enlightenment, is still in place today and is one of the foundations of our democratic society.

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