What does the little prince learn from his travels and from the people and creatures he meets?

The little prince learns from the people and creatures he meets on his travels that we love those we enter into a relationship with, that death is a way back home, and that many adults have self-centered values.

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The little prince is desolate when he comes to earth and finds that the rose he left behind on his tiny planet is not unique. There are millions of roses on earth, which look exactly like his rose. However, the prince learns a vitally important lesson from the fox he meets. The prince discovers that we love what we "tame" or enter into a relationship with. The prince realizes that his rose is unique, not because it is the only one in the world but because it is the one rose he loves: it has "tamed" him.

The little prince learns from the snake that death is easy and is a way to get back home. The snake teaches him, too, that one can be lonely even if surrounded by people but that he, the snake, can release the prince from that loneliness and send him home.

As he travels to different planets, the little prince learns by negative example what are unimportant values. For example, on his visits to different asteroids, he meets a king, a conceited man, a tippler (alcoholic), a businessman, a lamplighter, and a geographer. He finds all of them but the lamplighter "ridiculous" because their concerns seem self-centered and pointless. He values the lamplighter, however, because of his faithfulness about doing his job:

He is thinking of something else besides himself.

The prince learns that it is best to get beyond yourself and care about other people and things.

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