What does the entry on Wednesday, July 8th, 1942 talk about?

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This entry is a pivotal one in Anne Frank's diary. It describes the day on which the family received "call up" papers from the SS. At first, Anne believed that these papers were for her father, who was out at the Jewish Hospital when the papers arrived, sparking quite a commotion in the household. Anne's mother made it quite clear that nobody would be going as requested by the SS—this was how Jewish people ended up in concentration camps. Later in the day, Anne's sister, Margot, who was sixteen at the time, told Anne that the papers had actually been sending for her, not her father.

The family's response to this is to immediately plan on going into hiding so that they could not be found by the SS. They make arrangements with Mr. van Daan, their father's business partner, and sort out a place to go, although Anne herself is not at all sure where they are going. Margot leaves ahead of the rest of the family. Anne packs as many of her belongings as she could fit into a small case, feeling confused and aware that she is probably not packing very well. Eventually, she puts on as many of her clothes as she could possibly wear at once and says goodbye to her cat, which was to be looked after by the neighbors. Anne notes that the state of the house made it obvious that they had left in a hurry, but the family cared only about leaving before their departure was discovered.

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