Herland Questions and Answers
by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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What does the ending of Herland tell us? What has changed?

The ending of Herland tells us that some people are able to change, accept a new way of life, and improve themselves, while others are not. It also proves that change and growth comes to every society.

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I would argue that the ending of Herland tells us that while not all men are capable of change, some are. At the beginning of our story, Terry Nicholson is best described as a misogynist, while Jeff Margrave idolizes women. Vandyck Jennings wishes to study women from a sociological perspective while having no real understanding of them.

A foreshadow of the novel's end can be seen in the men's attitudes when they are imprisoned and given lessons by the women of Herland. While Jeff and Vandyck try to learn, absorb, and adapt to their new surroundings, Terry...

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