Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

Animal Farm book cover
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What does the ending of Animal Farm signify?

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The ending scene of Animal Farm carries with it one of the most brutally cynical and fatally hopeless messages about the nature of man ever put to paper. It signifies that mankind may be doomed to be stuck in the same cycle of oppression and revolution for as long as men are given power. After a long and miserable struggle from first establishing their own sovereignty over themselves, the animals find that they are not in a more preferable position than the one they started in. In fact, due to some deaths in the ranks of their comrades, they may be worse off than if they had never opted for revolution in the first place.

Indeed, this seems to be a subtly made distinction. Farmer Jones was, at the very least, only negligent and lazy in regard to his keeping of the farm. The rule of the pigs, in hindsight, seems noticeably more...

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