Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What does the author mean when he says Miss Granger’s eyes clicked up to a new power level?

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Mrs. Granger's eyes are frequently mentioned throughout the story.

Readers are first told about them in chapter two. Chapter two focuses entirely on Mrs. Granger and her reputation as a tough teacher that loves vocabulary. We are told that she is physically a small person, but her eyes made her seem like a giant. They are dark gray eyes that she can turn on "full power." When Mrs. Granger does this, students feel like a "speck of dust."

Mrs. Granger clicks her eyes up to a new power level in chapter five, when Nick is trying to accomplish his time-wasting plan. It could mean that her eyes went from half power to a higher level power (for example, 83% power). It could also mean that Nick has irked Mrs. Granger enough to where her eye power has been turned up to a level that is now beyond what was considered full power.

Either way, Mrs. Granger is definitely using the standard "teacher stare" that alerts students to quit doing the erroneous behavior.

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