What does it mean to storyboard the plot line, specifically in "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath?

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I infer from this and other questions that you have asked that you are trying to convert this excellent poem concerning Plath's relationship with her father into some form of drama or skit. Storyboarding the plot of this poem is therefore going to be an excellent exercise to help you think through how you can present the ideas and images in this poem through a different medium. Storyboarding basically means that you produce a series of pictures that clearly display each image or stage in the plot and the characters, props and setting that you will need to act out that part of the play.

Thinking about this excellent poem, you are clearly going to have to be creative about how you present it as a drama. The poem takes us through a series of stages in the narrator's relationship with her father, until finally, she is "through" with him and can let him rest in peace and move on herself. You might want to try creating a story board for each of these stages and think about how you can symbolically present the nature of the relationship between the father and daughter. Hope this helps! It sounds like a fascinating project. Good luck!

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