What is the difference between the A text and B text of Doctor Faustus?

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The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus was written by Christopher Marlowe around 1590. The first recorded performance of the play was by the Admiral's Men at the Rose Theater in London on September 30, 1594, a little over a year after Marlowe's death. It's entirely possible that this wasn't the first performance of Doctor Faustus, but it's the first recorded performance.

No copy of Marlowe's original manuscript of Doctor Faustus exists. The play was first published in 1604 in a version referred to as the "A" text. The same version was published again in 1609.

Doctor Faustus was published again in 1619 in a version known as the "B" text, which was published several more times in the 1600s.

Philip Henslowe, the owner of the Rose Theatre, kept a diary of the productions at his theatre, in which he records twenty-four productions of Doctor Faustus between 1594 and 1597. The play was clearly very popular in the years after Marlowe's death.

Henslowe also records in his diary that in...

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