What does T.J. want Stacey to do about Mrs. Logan's tests in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?  

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

T.J. wants Stacey to find out what will be on the tests Mrs. Logan gives ahead of time, and tell him so that he will have an advantage when the tests are actually given.  Essentially, T.J. wants Stacey to help him cheat.

Stacey's Mom is a teacher at the school the children attend.  T.J., who was a grade ahead of Stacey, had Mrs. Logan for a teacher last year, and had failed her class.  Because of this, he has to repeat her class this year, and now, both he and Stacey will be in Mrs. Logan's class.  T.J. figures that since Mrs. Logan is Stacey's mother, Stacey will have access to the material she will put on the tests she gives them.  T.J. tells Stacey insinuatingly,

"Jus' think of the advantage you've got.  You'll be learnin' all sorts of stuff 'fore the rest of us...like what's on all them tests".

Although Stacey is impressionable and sometimes allows himself to fall victim to T.J.'s unscrupulous brand of conniving and peer pressure, in this case he makes his position clear.  He tells T.J. in no uncertain terms,

"If that's what you think, you don't know Mama".

Mrs. Logan is intelligent and perceptive; she has raised her children to be honest and honorable, and it is very nearly impossible to get anything past her.  Not only would she never condone giving her own children an advantage because they are students in her class, but Stacey himself, due to the strong parental guidance with which he has been raised, would not even think of trying to take advantage of the fact that his mother is his teacher by cheating (Chapter 1).

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