What does the story's ending reveal about what Miss Brill realizes?short story

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The ending of the story Miss Brill reveals that Miss Brill, a middle-aged teacher who moved to Paris to teach English, is as rare, as outdated, as lonely, and as strange to the common folk as is the furry piece which she loves so much and takes with her to her Sunday walks in the park.

When the young couple who seats near her see Miss Brill, they make an expression of mockery and disapproval, demonstrating how odd and out of place Miss Brill (and her fur coat) are when compared to everyone else in the park.

As a result, Ms. Brill realizes for the first time in her life the type of existence that she has been leading: So alone that she is submerged in her own routines, even conferring emotional attachment to her fur. When she realizes this, her life basically becomes real. She leaves the park, and enters her lonely living space, putting the fur inside its box in almost the same manner in which she "hides" herself from a cruel world inside her apartment.

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