What does Stella's appearance tell us?

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When Stella first appears on stage, she is described as being a gentle, attractive young woman, who is twenty-five years old. Similar to her sister, Stella is a sensitive, refined woman who grew up in Belle Reve. Her appearance tells the audience that she has a completely different background from Stanley, who is depicted as masculine, ignorant, and unrefined.

Despite their obvious differences, Stella is attracted to Stanley's animalistic physical presence. Once Blanche moves into Stanley's home, she tries to influence Stella to leave him while Stanley struggles to maintain possession of her. Stella acts as the bridge between Blanche's refined nature and Stanley's crude, brutish world. She is caught in the middle of their constant bickering and is forced to choose between Blanche or Stanley. In the end, Blanche completely loses her mind after Stanley rapes her, and Stella chooses to remain with her abusive husband.

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