What does Stanley want from/for Blanche and why?

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The dynamic of "A Streetcar Named Desire" is actually very simple. Two people are fighting over control of a third. In this case it is Stanley and Blanche who are fighting over Stella. Blanche is the protagonist. She is the one who is disrupting the status quo. Though Stanley seems big and strong, he is on the defensive. He is the antagonist . He would have done nothing to or about Blanche if she hadn't moved into his home and started turning Stella against him. Stella is the "bone of contention" in this conflict, otherwise known as the MacGuffin. Although Blanche seems sweet and dainty, she is a dangerous opponent. The protagonist and antagonist are evenly matched. Lajos Egri discusses these matters in his excellent book The Art of Dramatic Writing, including the need for one character who is strongly motivated (in this case Blanche, who is fighting for her existence) and the need for protagonist and antagonist to be evenly matched. Blanche is an intruder, a nuisance, an unwelcome guest....

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