What does a speech look like and how does it start out?It is a speech about a donation that was given to our high school and we have to choose a extracurricular activity that we think it should go to.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ways to start off a speech.  The most important element would be to ensure that your speech's opening has a focus and some type of introduction that is able to connect with the audience, allowing them to actively listen and persuade them to your point of view.  In your particular setting, I would think that there are couple of avenues you can pursue to accomplish your end.  Perhaps, opening with an explanation of the importance of the extracurricular activity you think should receive the donation might help.  Talking about the activity by putting the reader in the middle of it, or expressing its importance to the school community and character would be appropriate.  When you describe your opening, language should be vibrant and I would even suggest that it take place in a manner that the listener can envision what is happening and they can "see" themselves within the setting.  In expressing its overall importance, you might be ready to justify why the donation should go to that organization.  This might be a good way to open or start a speech whose primary purpose is to enhance the imagination and convince the reader of your assertion.

jfwheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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laurenkate2488 | Student

Start with a personal connection or other attention grabbing introduction to start the speech off good. If you start and end the speech good you are pretty much set!

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