In "The Raven," what does the speaker begin to feel about the tapping? What happens when he whispers Lenore?Getting at meaning.

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the speaker first hears the tapping, he becomes anxious and feels that he is filled with "fantastic terrors."  He attempts to calm himself by reasoning that he simply has a late-night visitor.  However, when he opens the door and sees that no one is there, the speaker's anxiety returns, and he begins to think that the ghost of Lenore is in the hallway.  When he whispers the name "Lenore!" all he hears in return is the echo of his own voice.  The confirmation that there is no ghost in the hallway angers the speaker because he has been tormented by the loss of Lenore.  His reactions to the tapping and his actions in the hallway suggest that the speaker has not yet let go of his lost love.

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