Shakespeare's Sonnets Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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What does Shakespeare's sonnet 123 mean? Please put it simply... I am having trouble understanding what it means and I need to understand it properly to be able to find a song that has the same theme or idea to it. Any suggestions are welcome. 

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In Sonnet 123, the speaker is talking to time. As the speaker personifies time, this is an example of apostrophe which is a figure of speech wherein a speaker addresses an imaginary person, an abstract idea, object, or event, often imbuing the idea/object with human qualities. 

In the sonnet, the speaker tells time that change is an illusion that derives from the limitations of human perspective. In other words, humans experience time but meaning, truth, and love are eternal and unchanging. For example, newer buildings are simply different versions of past buildings: 

Thy pyramids built up with newer might

To me are nothing novel, nothing strange,

They are but dressings of...

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