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What does sociology teach you?

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Sociology can teach you many things. The study of sociology is generally defined as the study of society and the people, or groups, in it. This includes, but is not limited to, studying culture, social interactions, and social relationships between people, or groups. Sociology can also teach us about different social groups, and compare and contrast how they view certain situations, what attitudes that have towards themselves and others, and tell us about many other aspects of their lives. This greater understanding of different groups allows us to not only identify social problems, but develop methods and ideas that help to enact the best plan of action to help over come these problems. Sociology makes use of the scientific method to study our society, and the social issues that arise everyday. It is through this systematic study that sociology teaches us about how our society and culture, and the societies and cultures of others, function both individually, and as a whole. Hope this helps!

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