What does social relevance mean?

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I moved this to "Marketing" because I think that you can find that a web search of "Social Relevance" will result in understanding how it plays a role in the way in which products and services are advanced.  Social relevance in the marketing sense seeks to establish a sense of "like- minded" ideas through social networking.  Social relevance is a way in which products and services can become "relevant" through social networking medias.  It is a way in which there is a social networking embrace of a product.  For example, the "Tweets" generated by a specific brand or product or being "liked" on Facebook are part of the social relevance that products are experiencing in terms of marketing.  Given the vast number of people online and the equally vast number of people who access the internet through their smartphones, it becomes critical that a product is socially relevant, being able to create a presence on social networking sites, enabling it to be translated as something coveted and wanted.  Social relevance means that a product or a service, and even a business approach to marketing, recognizes that the social network dimension of products is essential. To understand this is to understand where the current focus of marketing lies.

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