What does Simon say to Ralph about Ralph's feelings when he looks at the vastness of the ocean view?after reading chapters 6,7, and 8

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malenig eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 6 after Sam 'n Eric believe they see the "beast" (the dead man in the parachute), Jack, Ralph, and Simon climb Castle Rock for the first time in search of the beast. Ralph stands breathless as he views the immensity of the ocean below. In chapter 7 Ralph confronts the possibility that he might never be rescued as he comes face to face with this great "divider" and "barrier."  On the other side of the mountain, he had been protected by the "quiet lagoon," but here he is faced with hopelessness for the first time. Simon quietly repeats to Ralph three times, "You'll get back to where you came from."  Simon hopes to encourage Ralph that he will be saved in the end, but it is clear that Simon is not sure he believes what he is saying.  He qualifies his statement with "I think so." Simon intuitively understands what Ralph is thinking, but he will not give to Ralph a false hope.  Ironically, in Simon's search and discovery of the truth, he is murdered.

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