What does Simon predict as he talks to Ralph? How does Ralph react?Describe the hunt which takes place in Chapter 7.

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon tells Ralph, "You'll get back all right."  Ralph's reaction is one of discomfort because he doesn't quite know how to react to a prophecy, especially one which does not include good news for the one making the prophecy.  Simon does not say "We will get back," which indicates that he will not make it off the island.  Ralph's reaction is first to be sarcastic, "Got a ship in your pocket?" then he reacts in an embarrassed, almost defensive manner by saying, "You're batty."

There are two hunt scenes in this chapter - a hunt for a pig and a hunt for the best.  The first hunt, the one for the pig, is a hunt that is different because it includes Ralph.  The significance here is that the hunt shows a side of Ralph the reader has not yet seen.  He enjoys the hunt and is exhilarated when he hits the pig.  He wants the others to know he did it and says repeatedly that he hit the pig.  We see a more savage side of Ralph; a part of him that is similar to Jack. The other hunt in this chapter shows Jack to be somewhat cowardly.  As the boys near the area where the other boys said the beast was (the dead parachutist), Ralph, though hesitant, realizes that they must move forward.  Jack hesitates and it is obvious he is afraid.  When the boys do finally get closer to the parachutist and the wind catches it, making it move, they all run in fear.

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