What does Simon mean, when he tells Ralph. “You will get back where you came from"?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon is the one character throughout the story who is able to see everything clearly.  He can see that the beast is really within them.  He knows that the beast on the hill is just a dead pilot.  He is considered theprophet or holy (Christ) symbol.  When he says to Ralph that "he will get back..." he foresees Ralph making it back.  It could be looked at two different ways. 

Either Simon sees that Ralph is level headed and is genuinely concerned for the well being of all of the boys, or he foresees his own demise.  Perhaps he means that Ralph is strong enough to make it because he thinks democratically.  However, I see Simon as a Christ symbol.  He sees what is going on better than any of the others.  He knows that there is no beast.  I think, too, that he knows he will not make it back.  He knows that he will be sacrificed.  It's just in the ominous way that he speaks to Ralph at this point in time.  It's as if he stresses the word "You" in saying, "you will get back where you came from."  Ralph will make it, but Simon will not.  He sees where things are going with Jack and his tribe.

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