What does Simon fear in Lord of the Flies?

It could be argued Simon doesn't fear anything in Lord of the Flies. He is too rational and calm to be taken in by the story of the so-called "beast". His lack of fear, however, leads to him losing his life, because he does not realize how fearful he should be of the other boys.

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Unlike the other boys on the island, Simon is rational and does not fear the beast. Simon is a wise character and can recognize that the beast is not a threatening, mysterious creature lurking throughout the island. As a symbolic Christ-figure, Simon possesses a unique knowledge of the human soul and recognizes that the beast is mankind's inherent wickedness. Even after Samneric claim that they witnessed the beast, and Ralph and Jack confirm that the menacing creature is waiting at the top of the mountain, Simon remains skeptical and is not afraid.
At the end of chapter 8, Simon hallucinates and listens to the Lord of the Flies speak to him via a severed pig's head. During the enlightening conversation, the Lord of the Flies confirms Simon's belief that the beast is not a tangible being that can be hunted or killed. The severed pig's head informs Simon that the beast is part of everyone on the island and warns him not to interfere with the boys having fun. Following Simon's interaction with the...

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