What does Simon fear in "Lord of the Flies"?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon is the only boy on the island who understands the true nature of the beast. Unlike the other boys who believe that there is a carnivorous, dangerous beast stalking the island, Simon shows no fear and actually suggests climbing to the top of the mountain to look for the beast. When Simon encounters the Lord of the Flies, his suspicions concerning the true identity and nature of the beast are confirmed. Simon understands that the beast is the inherent wickedness of each person on the island. Therefore, Simon does not fear the beast and freely roams throughout the island. He not only volunteers to walk back through the forest alone at night to inform Piggy and the littluns what is happening, but he also travels to the top of the mountain alone after Ralph, Jack, and Roger insist they witnessed the beast. When Simon bravely climbs to the top of the mountain, he discovers that the beast is actually a dead paratrooper. Unfortunately, Simon is mistaken for the beast when he walks onto the beach during a terrible storm and is brutally murdered by the boys. Overall, Simon does not fear the beast and does not reveal that he is afraid of anything throughout the novel. He is perceived as a Christ figure, who has prophetic knowledge and insight into the true nature of the beast.

sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ironcially, it is Simon who, early in the novel, expresses the least fear.  He understands that fear is a dangerous and useless emotion, and insists on going in search of the beast in order to prove that there is nothing to fear.  However, what Simon finds ignites the fear in him.  He realizes that the beast is the dark side of boys' nature.  He fears what the boys will do to each other as they become less civilized, and foresees that what has happened to the boar will happen to the boys. 

sdees | Student

Simon is the least fearful of all the boys on the island. One can see this when Simon addresses the issue of a "beast" on the island. It is Simon that warns the boys of the internal threat that looms about the island.  But it is in his subconscious state in the presence of the Lord of the Flies that he realizes the terrible fate of the boys on the island. This event causes him to become fearful.

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