To what does Silas turn for comfort?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Silas Marner turns to his weaving for comfort. We cannot say that the kindness of his neighbors did not touch his heart at all. In fact, he began to appreciate all the warm treatment he began to receive from his neighbors the moment that he realized that he had been robbed of all his gold.

However, no matter what food they provided for him (lard cakes, meats), he hardly ate them. The letters people would write to him would make him feel good, but he was way to pained to let go of the feeling easily. He was at odds because this was yet another massive disappointment much like in his former town.

Even the visits that he received from time to time from Dolly were not powerful enough to eliminate his pain, yet, it touched him deeply that she would care so much for him.

However, as he was alone in his house, his only comfort was to weep and moan low moans at his own ease, away from everyone. This would be a behavior that seems to be natural to Silas Marner.