In Silas Marner, how does Silas arrive at the name of Eppie for the girl?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whilst Dolly Winthrop is advising Silas Marner on the best way to bring up the girl, she also says that he needs to have her christened in church according to the religious custom of the time. To do this, of course, Silas Marner needs to pick a name for the girl. Silas decides to call her after her mother, whose name was Hephzibah. Also, his little sister was called by this name as well. In response to Dolly's suggestion that this is a "hard name," he recalls that they used to refer to his little sister by the nickname "Eppie," so this is how the girl is called, so that those who, like Dolly Winthrop, are "slow at catching the words," can easily remember her name and use it. Thus Eppie is christened and named, and fully enters Silas Marner's life.