In Siddhartha, what does Siddhartha ultimately learn from the river?

In Siddhartha, what does Siddhartha ultimately learn from the river?

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Siddhartha learns several lessons from the river, including the unimportance of wealth and status, how things are connected, and that time is an illusion.

Indeed, Siddhartha grows up by the river and often returns to it and sleeps near it. It's a source of inspiration and enlightenment for him, even early in his life. However, he isn't happy with what he has and seeks other things away from the river⁠—but these don't bring him happiness either. He gets a piece of advice from the ferryman. The ferryman tells Siddhartha that he loves the river more than anything and that he can learn much from the river.

One thing Siddhartha learns from the river is that wealth and status aren't important. He has become a rich man with Kamala but still isn't satisfied or at peace with his life. The river, though, doesn't flow upward or seek status. Instead, it flows downward. This shows Siddhartha that he doesn't need the status and wealth that he had to be happy. This is one of the first lessons and is...

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