Schindler's List Questions and Answers
by Thomas Keneally

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What does Schindler's List teach us about human nature and the capacity for great good and great evil among human kind? 

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Schindler's List is a great work to explore when considering the human heart and its capacity for extremes. After all, the Holocaust brought out the worst tendencies that plague mankind, but such things are always contrasted by the opposite, as well as the many tones of gray in between. The people committing those crimes against others are, of course, an example of the sheer viciousness humans can show towards those considered inferior. In comparison, people like Schindler and other real-life heroes like Irena Sendler prove that even the darkest times can't break human compassion entirely. And not just them; there were people in the camps themselves who found the strength to help others in the most terrifying places imaginable. Between those two groups are various degrees of others: those who tried to stop it; those who tried, but not very hard; those who simply went along; etc.

I think one of the fundamental reasons why Schindler's List is so successful in bringing light to this subject...

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