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In Fahrenheit 451, what does the salamander on Montag's arm and the phoenix disc on his chest symbolize?

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The salamander is a type of amphibian that majorly lives on land but goes into water during the period of reproduction. According to legend, the salamander could live in fire without getting burnt. In Fahrenheit 451, the salamander symbolizes both fire and the firemen. Clarisse recognized Montag’s profession once she spotted the salamander symbol on his arms. The tracks in which the firemen ride in while responding to alerts are referred to as salamanders. The salamanders (trucks), are therefore symbolic of fire.

According to an Egyptian myth, the phoenix is a lone bird which lived in ancient times and consumed itself in fire but rose anew from its ashes to live another life. In this book, the phoenix on Montag’s chest is symbolic of his rebirth and start of a new life away from the fire man profession. It was while on duty burning a house that Montag stole the first book that led to his change of heart about his profession and life in general. Even though the fire caused destruction, Montag took his first step towards a renewed life finally ending up with the group of social outcasts on a mission to save books through memorization.

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The salamander is introduced right away as a symbol that represents the firemen. The salamander is a small lizard that is imagined to be a descendent of the fire-breathing dragon. Thus the connection between the little fire lizard and the fireman is that they both destroy with fire. The firemen in Fahrenheit 451 don't put out fires, they burn things down. There is actually a myth about the "fire lizard" and the ability of the salamander to survive. The salamander is a symbol of death by fire.

The pheonix is a bird. Legend has it that this bird can come to life out of the ashes of fire. So, this is significant because as this society is destroyed by fire, the revolutionary people like Granger and Montag have an opportunity to begin again and start a new society one day. The pheonix represents life from fire.

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