What does Sade want to bring with her in chapter 3 of The Other Side of Truth?

In chapter 3 of The Other Side of Truth, Sade packs her sweater, a nice outfit, and a small bag into her rucksack to bring to London. She helps Femi pack and includes some of his games. She also brings a note from her father with the address of Uncle Dele in London.

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In chapter 3, "A Small Bag and a Rucksack Each," Sade and Femi must quickly pack their belongings and get ready to flee to London. As the chapter's title suggests, they can only bring what can fit in a couple of small bags. Because it will be cold in London, Sade brings her one sweater with her, which she plans to wear on the plane.

Beyond the necessity of proper clothing for the new climate, Sade struggles to decide what is most important for her to bring. She is sad that she must leave her finely crafted desk and several other sentimental objects behind. Mama Buki has her pack her aso-oke so that she will have something nice to wear, but Sade is doubtful she will ever get the chance to put it on again. She also brings a small bag made from a nice material. She then helps Femi pack and puts his cards and the pebbles of his Ayo game in his bag.

Before they leave, Sade's father gives her a note with the address of Uncle Dele at the London College of Art. They had been unable to connect with him over the phone and hoped they might be able to reach him at his address if he does not come to greet them at the airport.

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