What does Rosie in "17 Syllables" learn at the end of the story?

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Rosie being born American was not aware of the plight of a traditional Japanese woman. She learned about such challenges at the end of the story when her mother told her the story of her marriage to Rosie’s father. Rosie’s mother fell in love with a man from a well to do family in Japan but although they had a baby together the two were unable to get married because of the difference in their social status. Due to the rejection, Rosie’s mother contemplated suicide but later opted for an arranged marriage to Rosie’s father facilitated by her aunt. After telling her story the mother asked Rosie not to get married. At one point in the story, Rosie is disappointed by her mother who is unable to stand up to her husband when he treats her unfairly. She later learned of the reasons that forced her mother into such a situation and begins to contemplate about her own future and the boy she loves.

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