What does Rosemary symbolize in The Giver?

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Rosemary, the former trainee for the role of Receiver of Memories, had a significant place in The Giver's heart, as she was his daughter. The Giver tells Jonas that he treated her with as much tenderness as he could, giving her lots of happy memories to attempt to balance out the difficult ones. However, as the weeks progressed, The Giver found that he had to transmit pain to her, as she would one day have to carry the weight of all the pain of society—just as he had done for many years. He couldn't bring himself to transmit physical pain, though, and thought he would be kinder if he showed her the emotional cruelty of the world instead:

I didn't give her physical pain. But I gave her loneliness. And I gave her loss. I transferred a memory of a child taken from its parents. That was the first one. She appeared stunned at its end.

The emotional pain became too much for Rosemary, and she requested her own release, essentially asking for an assisted suicide (the meaning of which is lost on...

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