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Hank Morgan, a modern man from Connecticut, finds the sport of jousting and the other ways of doing battle absolutely inane.  He describes how the knights don all their armor and are cruelly encased in the heavy iron and drenched in sweat as they "hack and batter and bang" each other for five or six hours if they do not break their necks in the process.  After it is over, Hank complains that it is impossible to determine who has won as the knights appear like "ghosts in a fog."

In another satiric observation, in Chapter 15, Morgan observes that when Sir Marhaus becomes "bigger and bigger," he strains his armour, "and yet little would one of these people mind a small thing like that."  Obviously, Hank Morgan perceives the wearing of armor as absurd and feels it is cumbersome and extremely uncomfortable, as well as "cruelly burdensome."

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