What does Reverend Parris' trying to say in the below quote from The Crucible? "There is either obedience or the church will burn like Hell is burning."

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In this quotation, Parris seems to claim that either an individual is with him and the church on the side of righteousness and goodness, or that individual is a sinner who works against the church and the safety of both it and everyone else who is a part of it. He is a man who is desperate to hang on to his authority, as he feels that he is doubted and questioned and distrusted at every turn. He resents the fact that he has not been given full ownership, with the title, of the home in which he lives. In his mind, he cannot even get adequate firewood and must freeze as a result of his congregation's generally poor treatment of him.

Parris is also somewhat paranoid, going on and on earlier in the scene about a "faction" of his "enemies" that he believes are sworn to drive him from his pulpit and make him a laughingstock. In reality, it's true that there are people, like John Proctor, who doubt that Parris has "the light of God" in him, but there is no secret conspiracy of cohorts plotting...

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