In Chapter 58 of "Great Expectations", what does Pumblechook publicy instruct Pip to tell Joe? 

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the Blue Boar, Pumblechook publicly instructs Pip to return to Joe Gargery and tell him that Pip has seen Pumblechook, who claims to be Pip's "earliest benefactor and the founder of (his) fortunes".  Pip is to tell Joe that Pumblechook bears neither Pip nor Joe any malice, despite the fact that Joe has treated him with "pigheadedness and ignorance" and Pip shows a "total deficiency of common human gratitoode".  In reality, Pumblechook is a hypocritical opportunist who tormented Pip when he was poor and befriended him only when he thought he had money.  His words are a boldfaced lie, and Pip, astounded by the man's aplomb, retorts that he sees no "benefactor".  Pumblechook then addresses the patrons of the Blue Boar, calling attention to Pip's purported demonstration of ingratitude and asserts that despite Pip's ungratefulness, he, the magnanimous Pumblechook, would repeat his unselfish acts of largesse again (Chapter 58).

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