What does the professor give Montag?  How does he get the professor to help him?

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In the second part of the story, "The Sieve and the Sand", Montag remembers Faber, a professor he once saw in the park whom he suspected had books.  Montag goes to Faber's house and convinces him that he is serious about wanting to change things; about wanting to bring down the system that made owning books illegal.  He convinces Faber that he is serious, in part by showing him the book he has - the Bible.  Montag wants Faber to help him but Faber is reluctant and full of reasons why he can't help. He tells Montag to be patient; that the war will bring an end to many of their problems by killing off so many people that are a part of the current system.  Montag wants to begin taking action now, however.  He finally gets Faber to help him by threatening to rip up the pages of the Bible.  The plan then is that Montag will go home, get whatever money he can give that money to Faber.  Faber will give the money to a man he knows who owns a printing press and this man will print books which Montag and Faber will plant in the homes of firemen.  To help Montag stay focused and in touch, Faber gives Montag a two-way ear radio so that Faber can hear what goes on around Montag and speak to Montag as well. 

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