What does Polonius want Reynaldo to find out about Laertes’ life in France?The question is in Act 2, scene 1.

Expert Answers
clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, he wants Reynaldo to find out which Danes are currently in Paris, who they are staying with,  how they are managing it, and what they are doing there. The Danes he speaks of are Laertes' friends. He wants Reynaldo to pretend to know Laertes well enough that these friends will confide in Reynaldo as much information as possible about Laertes. He also wants Reynaldo to, as tactfully as possible, paint Laertes in a bad light to his friends. He is not to cause any huge scandals, but he is to make his friends dislike him, therefore confiding all sorts of information. Polonius wants to know where Laertes is staying, who he is staying with, what he is doing, how he can afford it, how much it all costs, everything he can find out.