what does the poem "the writer" mean?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator
"The Writer" is about a father's feelings of hope and helplessness regarding his daughter. He hopes that she will have a good future and make the right choices. That is why throughout the poem he wishes her luck and safe passage (through life). However, the father also feels helpless. He cannot make the right choices for her; he can only guide her and trust her. The images throughout the poem speak to a melancholy sense of separation between father and daughter. The door of the room in which the daughter writes remains locked. The father remembers opening the window for a bird in that same room, and he recalls with sadness that the bird repeatedly ran into the window pane before finally finding its way out the door. The bird's journey reminds the father of his daughter's own journey into womanhood, just now beginning.

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