What does plot have to do with Margaret Atwood's "Happy Endings"?

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To start thinking about what plot has to do with Atwood's fun little story "Happy Endings," consider what a plot is. A plot is part of a story, and specifically, it is the way events are arranged in a story to help create emotional response and suspense. When writers create plots, they show the connection between and among things: B happens because A happened, and that leads to C, etc.
Well, in "Happy Endings," Atwood sketches out bunches of common plots and shows how arbitrary they are, as a way of having fun with the idea of plots and stories.


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The plot is related to the st6ory. It gives a main ovesight over the whole story and

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Sorry, repeated again. Additional information is that if you have a plot, it gives a foresight to future events and you will know the story better.

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