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What does the plant represent in the play A Raisin in the Sun?

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Mama's plant is a symbol for her dream of someday having her own house and garden. Mama has had this dream for a long time, and she hopes to put money down on a house so that her family can move out of their cramped apartment. At times she comes close to giving up hope, but she continues to hold onto her dream and nurture her plant, showing her perseverance.

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The plant in A Raisin in the Sun represents Mama's dream of someday having her own house, with her own little garden in the back.  The dream has been a long time coming, and at times she's been close to giving up hope, but the fact that she keeps nurturing the plant and that it means so much to her shows that she never gives up - on her dream, herself, or her children.

The plant is first mentioned moments after Mama appears in the play for the first time in Act I, scene i.  The notes state that she "goes to the window, opens it, and brings in a feeble little plant growing doggedly in a small pot on the windowsill.  She feels the...

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