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Lord Of The Flies Pig Head

What does the pig's head represent in Lord of the Flies?

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The pig's head symbolizes both the savagery that the boys now exhibit outwardly, and the "Lord of the Flies" because the rotting head is swarming with flies, as it sits perched on a stick.

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ellieken | Student

satan :D

parama9000 | Student

It would generally mean the loss of innocence, as savagery as taken over them. Education no longer has a part in their thinking and their beliefs, and it all reverts to a primal form of happiness over the defeat of an enemy, often in the form of death of the enemy.

Yojana_Thapa | Student

Pig head symbolizes the loss of innocence in the boys! The boys now have a taste of evil in them because they have killed a living animal.

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maria-vivanco | Student

I feel that the Beast (the pigs head) is the fear of the boys of what they have within: savagery. The pigs head calls himself "the Lord of the Flies." Throughout the book. the boys try to kill the boar and they are also scared of the Beast (which happens to also be the boar). The boar (even though he is dead) talks to Simon (who seems to be the only person who ISN'T a complete savage and also my favorite character.) Through their meeting, the LOTF says that "they' (him and the boys) and going to have fun and kill him. The boar's head is the savagery and demons inside of the boys and how they have let go from their civilized ways and have become these unrecognizable beasts whose definition of "fun" is killing the only person who is sane. 

However the pigs head can not only resemble the evil inside of the boys, but in ourselves. We are taught from since we can talk, that we cannot be evil and bad things come to those who are. SO we refrain from it. However, deep inside we still have that primitive way of thinking. Just like the boys we fear it, but we mostly just fear ourselves.

goanskygurl22 | Student

it symbolizes evil. The pig's head talks to Simon because Simon is an innocent boy. The pig's head is not exactly talking to him. The lord of the flies is the evil conscious in Simon's head. This indicates that no matter how innocent a person is, there is always an evil consciousness that controls te actions of a person.

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tonyz98 | Student

or also the loss of innoccence

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tonyz98 | Student

it reprents evil and savagery within man

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dtessa10 | Student

The pig's head is an offering made by Jack's tribe to the beast. It represents the innate evil that all humans possess, and the fact that it usually overcomes any innate good we possess is symbolised by Simon's weakness (fainting, headaches) and death.

Also note how the pig's head is covered in flies. This connects it to the Lord of the Flies (the title) and we learn that the pig is the Lord of The Flies. This name is a direct translation of one of the names given to the Devil, Beelzebub. So this makes the head represent evil, darkness, the devil, etc.


Hope this helped xoxo

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je12321 | Student

it symbolizes evil that is in every human because no matter how rotten and old the pig head got, the remains still was left.

while it was breaking down and getting worse, it had a disgusting look and horrible smell. this symbolizes evil. something that isn't welcomed.

also when the pig head started breaking down, the author described the skull as a laughing face. evil never leaves and it also teases because it's so hard to get rid of.

i think that's what the pig head mainly was suppose to symbolize.

the evilness in every human that wil never go away once it sets in.

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jondcs | Student

it symboliizes loss of hope fear an it shows that evil is the beast and evil is in everyone

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