What Does Piggy Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel and, as such, the characters represent important ideas or themes. Piggy signifies logic and has a scientific intellect. Piggy is sensible and rational and he tries to think how 'grown-ups' and, in particular, his 'auntie' would behave in difficult situations.

He represents reason and loyalty.

What is also highly symbolic is the fact that Piggy cannot see well - hence his glasses. Piggy is used throughout the novel to show the apparent shortsightedness of the boys (and therefore society in general) when they do not consider the consequences of their actions. Whilst Piggy has the ability to be

calm and thoughtful about situations presented, the others are playing dangerous games that culminate in(to) murder and evil.

Piggy's scientific thinking reflects the development of science and its importance far beyond the scope of the novel.

Refer to the eNotes study guide and navigate to the character analyses and other useful information to a gain a better understanding of what the characters represent in Lord of the Flies. 



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i think that piggy symbolizes:intelligence, responsbility, sensibility and intellectuality

as he is the one who is concerned about what will happen to them and he is aware of the serious problem they are facing.

and i think that Goldings also wants to say that people are ignoring scientists and don't care much about their opinion as piggy here symbolizes the scientist who is thinking about a solution for their problem.

However,the boys made fun of him and didn't listen to him when he was always right.