What does the phrase "get in tune with your Sailor Moon" mean?

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you can often hear this phrase at comicons.

It means to get in touch with the sexy and kick butt female within yourself. As the previous post points out, Salior Moon is a big hottie in the world of anime. Depending on your view of Sailor Moon and feminism, this is a statement of empowerment (go girls!) or a sexist remark.

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This quote is from the Barenaked Ladies Song “One Week.”  The verse which includes your quote is:

“Gonna get a set of better clubs
The quote is a cultural reference to "Sailor Moon," a Japanese animated cartoon about heroic teenage schoolgirls dressed in sailor suits.  The verse that follows is really indicating what the author is talking about when he says:  'Cause the cartoon has got the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing.”  Boom anime babes are the most attractive cartoon girls, and their large breasts and seductive figures make the singer, think of “the wrong thing.”  This verse of the song is taking a children’s cartoon and comparing it to adult themes.  The whole song is filled with irony and references to pop culture.

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Sailor moon is a very popular anime in Japan revolving around this young girl who finds out her super powers and saves the world. Channeling your inner sailor moon would result in getting in tune or channeling your inner buttkicking beautiful heroine. Some could see this as a compliment when given to them but some think it could be insulting 

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Sailor Moon is a popular anime in Japan about a young girl who essentially saves the world from evil. Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts are beautiful and essentially amazing heroines so "get in tune with your Sailor Moon" means that you have to channel your inner heroine.