What does personification mean? What is an example of a quote containing personification from Of Mice and Men?

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Personification is a figurative language device. Personification gives inanimate objects or animals qualities of a human, often creating a visual representation for the reader. There are many instances of figurative language throughout Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men including personification. One example of personification from the text is, "The sycamore leaves whispered in a little night breeze," (pg 16). This is an example of personification because leaves cannot actually whisper since this is an action that only humans can perform. The purpose of this sentence is to illustrate that the leaves were rustling against each other. Additionally, the use of personification here adds to the mood of this portion of the book. Right before this quote, George is telling Lennie that he better not get into any trouble, so when the leaves whisper, the reader gets an ominous feeling that something may go wrong in the future, almost like the leaves know something that the reader does not.

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