In "The Odyssey", what does Penelope wish would happent to her rather than marry the suitor?

Expert Answers
cybil eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At one point in despair, Penelope actually prays to the goddess Diana for death so that she can avoid having to marry one of the suitors. Penelope has waited so long for Odysseus for return, and she has been told numerous times that he is near Ithaca or that he will return soon, yet he has not appeared. The suitors are becoming more and more impatient, especially after they finally figure out the trick she used to fool them by weaving the funeral shroud for Laertes by day and unraveling part of it by night. She believes she has virtually exhausted her options---but, of course, Odysseus does return.

twilightlover- | Student

She wishes that Odysseus will retuen home...