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The USA PATRIOT Act, passed in late October 2001, was a congressional effort to allocate more power to the US central government to protect the nation against more domestic terrorist attacks after September 11th. There are Ten Titles inside the act, which I will breifly go over and explain their purposes and what sector of the US it effects.

TITLE I: Enhancing Domestic Security against Terrorism

- This section increased funds and manpower for different agencies' anti-terror task forces.

TITLE II: Surveillance Procedures

- This is probably the most infamous section of the Act, as it significantly reduces restrictions on government agencies' ability to observe private phone calls, emails, and mailed information from the public.

TITLE III: Anti-Money-Laundering to Prevent Terrorism

- This section provides the government much more freedom in monitoring private bank accounts, although its ability to do so was crippled during the 2008 financial collapse.

TITLE IV: Border Security

- Although the US-Mexican border conflict comes to mind, this section is primarily aimed towards improving international port security along the east and west coasts.

TITLE V: Removing Obstacles to Investigating Terrorism

- This is the other section of the act that sparked controversey in the public, as it allows the FBI and other agencies to ignore certain aspects of the bill of rights with special subpeonas that allowed for deatining suspected terrorists without probably cause or presentable evidence.

TITLE VI: Victims of Terrorism

- This provided additional funds and organization to the US Victims of Crime, largely in part because of the complications the government faced trying to care for victims of the 9/11 attacks.

TITLE VII: Increased Information Sharing for Critical Infrastructure Protection

- This simply calls for a cease of jurisdictional constrictments between different law enforcement agencies when dealing with terror activities.

TITLE VIII: Terrorism Criminal Law

- This provides an expanded definition of terrorism, which now includes kidnapping and assassination as well as mass destruction.

TITLE IX: Improved Intelligence

- This section attempts to streamline information gathered and analyzed by intelligence agencies, providing new universal protocol for the enitre government concerning terrorism

TITLE X: Miscellaneous

- This section is filled with small provisionals that didnt fit any of the above categories and concern everything from prisoner rights to consumer and charity fraud.

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