What does other characters think about Romeo and Juliet? Like, what does Friar Lawrence think about Romeo, and The Nurse's opinion about Juliet?

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The Montagues-

They have the fewest lines of the major characters in the play, but they clearly play the role of concerned parents. When we first meet Romeo after the opening fight, it is after a long conversations between Montague and Benvolio. Montague expresses how concerned he is at Romeo's recent depression, and he asks Benvolio to find out what is going on. In the last scene of the play, we find out that Lady Montague has died of an apparent "broken heart." I always find this awkward announcement of her death strange, but it evens things up so each family in the play loses two members.

The Capulets- 

Typically, these characters are played with a bit more emotion and edge to them than the Montagues. Capulet certainly has a fiery temper that causes him to lash out at Juliet , his wife,...

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