What does the "orange blossom" signify in "Blood Wedding"?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Bodas de Sangre, Acto 2 (Blood Weddings) by Federico Garcia Lorca, the inclusion of the orange blossom as part of the nuptial ceremony in Act II is a symbol of taking wedding vows.  In the Victorian Era, orange blossoms were the symbol of fertility, but in general, there are more meanings and symbols represented by this flower according to the Book of Symbols:

a) innocence   b) chastity   c) eternal love   d) marriage, and

e) fruitfulness.

It would be the elements of a perfect marriage or what would make a perfect blissful connection during those days (and now). For the complete book of Symbols, click on the link provided.

surferjulia | Student

the orange blossoms that the bride wears are fake and waxy, symbolizing the fake society in which she lives. wearing the fake orange blossoms to her wedding symbolizes her conformity to society in almost a mocking way.  this goes hand in hand with the black dress she wears, as if symbolizing her despair and sadness at having to go through with the wedding  when she really loves leonardo

patricia-7107 | Student

blood wedding which was written in 1932 by Garcia Lorca relies on context. It was written in a time when white was a color of mourning in Andalusia while black is the natural color for joyous occasions. The orange blossom is a flower with a sweet smell that symbolizes purity. In this sense, it may be purity as in the virginity of Bride. 

when Leonardo tells her that "a smaller garland would suit it better", he hints upon the bride's lack of chastity or at least hints at some of their activities