What are importanat elements of the opening ceremony of the Hunger Games in The Hunger Games?

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The Opening Ceremony of the Hunger Games features several important components that build on the hype and expectation of the games themselves.  The Ceremony opens to music "blasted around the Capitol," and the tributes ride in chariots  through "crowd-lined streets" to the City Circle (68).  The chariots, horses, and tributes are decorated by Capitol stylists to reflect the spirit of each individual District's strengths, culture, or customs. 

As the tributes make their way to the City Circle and the President's mansion, many members of the crowd cheer, but also throw flowers.  Once all the tributes have arrived in front of the President's mansion, the national anthem plays; during that time the cameras catch one final look at each pair of tributes before they return to the Training Center.


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