What does Ohene have to do to save the village?

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Ohene at least tries to save the village by agreeing to marry a trader's daughter in exchange for the seeds that the villagers think will guarantee a good harvest. Ohene feels responsible for the previous year's bad crops, because he had promised to marry Abena only after a good harvest.

However, Abena is the daughter of a failed white farmer whose crops were so bad the locals nicknamed him "Unlucky." Now, with the crops failing soon after his daughter moved into the village, they presume she is to blame, and tell her she can only stay in the village if the harvest improves over the next seven years. So, as he has promised to marry her, Ohene goes in search of the seeds that he's heard will produce crops on any type of land.

With Ohene married to another woman, a now-pregnant Abena leaves the village for a missionary school, where she dies while giving birth to her daughter. Her daughter Akua is taken in by the school and raised and educated by a white missionary.

Akua will have the same bad luck as her mother's side of the family. After seeing a missionary burn at the stake, she starts having bad dreams. One night while sleepwalking, she sets fire to her hut, killing all but one of her children.

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